Monday, November 16, 2009

A Very Special Treasury

So I stay up late and snagged myself a treasury from ETSY this past Saturday night. I call this one “XOXO” which was suggested by my husband.

As usually, I send a quick e-mail along with the link to all the sellers whom listing was featured in this treasury.

A day later I got a reply from form one of the sellers thanking me for including her work. In this e-mail, she also went on to explain that not only was this her first treasury feature, but this one truly meant something special to her. You see, she just lost her husband a week earlier and this treasury, which is titled hugs and kisses, make her felt that perhaps he is watching over her some how or sending her a very special message. I start crying after reading this e-mail. And in my heart I hope that this simple little treasury had help lifted her spirit even for a second during such a tough time in her life.

I guess sometimes the smallest random action can affect someone else’s life.


  1. How touching. My thoughts and prayers are with her. I'm so glad you included her in your treasury.

  2. That tugged on my soul for sure! My prayers are also with her. How lovely that your treasury gave her that bit of comfort during such a difficult time.

  3. LOVE this treasury :) XOXO is very appropriate :)
    How sweet that it touched that wife :( Super sad for her. Thanks for sharing.