Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flower theme abstract painting…coming soon to ETSY

Here it is, the latest and greatest.

This painting was inspired by some watercolor paintings I saw on the wall of my favorite sushi joint. I wanted to recreate the texture of a watercolor painting using really water down acrylic paints. My goal is to capture the romantic and dreamy feel of the flowers without actually drawing them. This piece is totally an experiment but it turn out really pretty. I really enjoy working on it. There will be more of this style of artwork in the future.

I will be listing this painting on my ETSY store as soon as I get a chance to do a photo shoot. Stay tune ^_^

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kawaii Treasury ^_~

Here's a new treasury, enjoy ^_^
Please click image for direct link to the treasury.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Bookend Ideas

After a whole weekend of cleaning...

So the hubby and I was cleaning up the house this pass weekend and decided to do some rearranging while we are at it. We added a bookcase to the living room, which turn out to be the best thing we can do to our place. Since both of us are bookworms, we are practicality drowning in books and magazines. We constantly have to fight for space to house his huge collection of art books or my romantic novels, which result in every flat surface in the house having a stack of books on it. Not to mentions all the magazines we added to the collection weekly.

Enough about the mass now, let's get back to the bookcase.

We wanted to display a small selection of book on top of the bookcase with two cool bookends. Since we can’t seem to find a pair of bookend that suited our need, we have to think outside the box. Or in this case, inside the box. We got two white small wooded boxes and lined the boxes with a bed of river rocks to make them heavy enough to hold the books. We love how they turn out.

What I really love is how neat and clean my house looks. At least for now anyway ^_^

The New and Improved Living Room ^_^

The rest of the house looks neat too ^_^

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anthropologie & my designer friend...

So I recently reconnected with my college classmate on Facebook. Joanne and I met in fashion design class first semester of our freshman year. Clicking through her photos online and I discovered she is the designer behind some of the jewelry and clothing for Anthropolgie, which happen to be one of my favorite store. Wow! I’m so happy for her. Here’s a small sample of them. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I want them all! ^_^

Hint-Of-Sheer Tank:

Thunderstorm Necklace:

Paprika Path Earrings:

Click on the image to go the store ^_^

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm in a treasury this time!!!!

I finally got feature in a treasury ^_^
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
LittleDickensDesigns, you are the BEST!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Treasury: T W E E T... T W E E T...

Here's a new treasury!
Showcasing works from my twitter friends.
Some many cute birdies, so little space.
Hope you enjoy it ^_^

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Painting: Jewel Of The Sea

This one comes right out of the water!

The sea seems like such beautiful and romantic place, so full of surprises and treasures. I was always fascinated by the many wonders of the deep blue. After my recent trip to San Francisco, my longing for the ocean seems to grow even stronger. I wanted to create a painting that reminds me of the sea. The shades of blue, green and purple in the background stand up to each other but yet live in perfect harmony at the same time. The circles of pearls just flow freely as they would in the water. The colors are beautiful, romantic and smoothing.

I just love how every come together so nicely.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy painting it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mark Ryden inspire ETSY sellers

Since we are on the topic of Mark Ryden.
Here are some listings I found on ETSY, super cool!
Check them out ^_^


From carmilla8, 
Mark Ryden-Style Dollhouse Steak / Meat Ring

From PinkRenegade,
Ecstacy of Cecelia Mark Ryden Inspired Art Painting Fantasy Pendant Necklace

From firekid
Waiting For The Blackout

From abnihilo, 
Mark Ryden Altered Art Gothic Necklace

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mark Ryden and “The Snow Yak”

Love Mark Ryden's Paintings!!!

He is another one of my favorite artists. One of the best of the lowbrow art movement. I prefer his work to Baseman and the others. Mark Ryden’s work invited us into his dark and surreal world. The paintings are so detail and skillful yet creepy. His works are at this point are highly collectable.

His new exhibition “The Snow Yak” had travel half way around the world to Japan and will be showing in New York soon. Seeing his works in real life is simply breath taking.

I really wish I could go. Hopefully it will make its way to the west coast too.

To learn more about Mark Ryden, see this link.

First Friday Artwalk

We went to the monthly Art Walk this past Friday. It’s nice to see so many talented artists being showcased. I was also very impressed by the amount of tattoo style art going on canvas and into art galleries. Good for them, many of those tattoo artists are so talented. Wish I had the money to support them more.

All night long I keep seeing artworks with ideas that I was thinking of earlier. I guess great minds do think alike, ha-ha. ^_^

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I see dots...

Finally done with the Polka Dots series.

This is a very happy and fun series. Make me smile just looking at them.

I took a different approach when doing the photo shoot. In effect to make the photos look more whimsical, I shot them at an angel and play with the field of depth. The yellow with red polka dots piece just jump right out at you. It’s definitely a fun piece. Each piece is unique and yet they complement each other. I’m very happy with how they come out.

Yoshitomo Nara, my favorite artists of all time

Yoshitomo Nara - He is one of my favorite artists of all time.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to check out a lot of his artworks in real life.
A few years ago I went to this art galleries / warehouse of a private collector and they own a few piece of his works including the Pup King and 
The Little Pilgrims. 

The King Pup and I met again in Art Basel that year. I even walked under him and THAT was the highlight of the whole show for me.

Then years later, we discover there’s a maid café in LA, Royal/T which also double as an art galleries showcasing the owner’s private collection. BTW, a must stop if you are into the Japanese contemporary art, yummy food & tea.

And there he is again, right in the front display window, oh King Pup, how I miss you. If only I can take you home with me.

Notice how my t-shirt got the puppy on it too, told you I'm a fan ^_^

To learn more about Yosh,
More about Royal/T,