Monday, July 27, 2009

New Bookend Ideas

After a whole weekend of cleaning...

So the hubby and I was cleaning up the house this pass weekend and decided to do some rearranging while we are at it. We added a bookcase to the living room, which turn out to be the best thing we can do to our place. Since both of us are bookworms, we are practicality drowning in books and magazines. We constantly have to fight for space to house his huge collection of art books or my romantic novels, which result in every flat surface in the house having a stack of books on it. Not to mentions all the magazines we added to the collection weekly.

Enough about the mass now, let's get back to the bookcase.

We wanted to display a small selection of book on top of the bookcase with two cool bookends. Since we can’t seem to find a pair of bookend that suited our need, we have to think outside the box. Or in this case, inside the box. We got two white small wooded boxes and lined the boxes with a bed of river rocks to make them heavy enough to hold the books. We love how they turn out.

What I really love is how neat and clean my house looks. At least for now anyway ^_^

The New and Improved Living Room ^_^

The rest of the house looks neat too ^_^


  1. Very cool idea! It looks so nice, like right out of a magazine. :)

  2. Oh wow you want and come and do mine lol.........

  3. Thanks, shannon, you are so kind.
    Hah hah ^_^ Kylie, I only do cleaning once in a blue moon, so maybe the next blue moon but don't hold your breath.
    Now I just need to keep the place clean for more than two days :P